We don’t have many pictures of Moose as a puppy, maybe just two or three. They’re all a bit blurry. He was adorable and a handful, as most puppies are.

One of the few pictures we have of Moose as a puppy.

We were hesitant to get Moose because he didn’t pass those tests you read about on the internet when you Google “How to choose a puppy.” He was so cute and so clingy, we just couldn’t help ourselves. We thought he would maybe get over the clinginess.

A chaotic day of missing ballots, locked polling places, and rampant misinformation

Photo: Steve Johnson via flickr/CC BY 2.0

You may have noticed that Porter County, Indiana still had 0 percent reporting for the 2018 election as of Friday morning. In the map below, Porter is that gray county in the upper left. I was a poll worker there this past Tuesday.

Buckle up, because nothing in this story goes according to plan.

Michelle Senderhauf

I’m a writer, interactive storyteller, and game designer who uses the Internet to tell compelling stories through interactive, multi-platform experiences.

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